Saturday, February 28, 2009

SNOW!!! Well, Sort Of.

I could not believe it when I looked outside today and saw snowflakes falling on the deck. It looked so pretty. Finally, when the girls could stand it no more, we bundled them up and let them go out on the deck and play. They had a lot of fun playing in almost no snow! Sometimes here in Arkansas we get desperate!
(Isn't it funny that my last post was of the girls sitting outside in short sleeves eating popsicles?)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good Weather Days

Thank you Lord for the beautiful weather over the past 2 days! It makes me actually believe that Spring is on its way. The girls loved the opportunity to get outside and play. I don't know how it is at your house, but around here - great weather days go hand-in-hand with a popsicle. So, of course, the girls jumped at the chance to have a popsicle for a snack this afternoon. I can't wait for Spring - and daylight savings time!

Good-Bye Training Wheels!

Finally-off with the training wheels. Halle finally braved the bike without her training wheels. Brant said, "That's it, no more training wheels." She was able to to learn in one afternoon. Now she rides like a pro! I can't believe she is so big!
You've gotta love how Rambo our German Shepherd followed her every move. He wasn't going to let her fall!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Lakeside 15th Annual Daddy/Daughter Dance

This is Halle's second and final year to attend the Daddy/Daughter dance at Lakeside. She was so excited to go tonight. She said, "I'm ready to party!"

Kennadi surprised her with a bouquet of red tulips that she loved dearly.

She also enjoyed posing for all of our picture snapping. She even offered to go and get her crown and put it on for some of the pics. We told her that would not be necessary!

They posed for several rounds of photos and then they were off to dance the night away (or at least until 8:00 p.m. when the dance is over).

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Poor Baby!

Kennadi has had a run of bad luck in the wellness department. She has had an ear infection for about 6 weeks that we can't seem to get to clear up. She has had 3 rounds of antibiotics plus a shot and nothing has worked. Our next stop is to the ENT.

She has also had some belly trouble which led to x-rays and other uncomfortable things. She is now on tummy med as well.

What's next, 5ths Disease of course! Brock had it last week, so it is not shock that she now has it. It doesn't really bother her, it just looks horrible with the red cheeks and rash on her arms.

I am so hoping to get her well and keep her well very soon!

Her and daddy resting on another day of feeling yucky.

A "Smashing" Day

Yesterday was quite eventful at my house. Kennadi is sick (again) with an ear infection that we can't get to clear up. So I called the doctor and they had a cancellation for 11 a.m. I was thrilled and said we would be there! As I loaded Kennadi up in the car I shut her door and slammed my finger in the door. Blood literally went everywhere! It sprayed all over my shirt (that I had just taken the tages off of, mind you), it sprayed on the car-even on to the trunk. It was on the concrete beside the car and even running down the car. I freaked! I wasn't sure how bad it was so I wrapped it up with a wipie and was screaming in pain. I was so scared that my finger was cut off and also that Kennadi was going to miss her doctor's appointment. I called Brant and had to repeat myself 3 times before he could understand what was going on. I also called my mom at work and she came racing over. I felt stupid having both of them come home from work all b/c of a dumb finger. But seriously, I was in MAJOR pain - and I've had 2 c-sections! My mom took Kennadi to the doctor and Brant stayed with me. The finger is better. It just got the top digit of my index finger. That digit may be broken, but there is nothing to do about that. I just have to deal with the pain and hope it heals quickly.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!

Halle celebrated her class party on Wednesday. They of course had an overabundance of candy. They all handed out their Valentines and had a fun time. I took some pics of her with some of her classroom buddies.

Halle, Rain, and Lydia.

Hailie, Allysa, Halle, and Katie.

Brant and I celebrated our Valentines on Friday night. My mom kept the kids (thanks mom). Brant told me I needed to stay out of the house for an hour or so. I was kind of nervous wondering what he was up to. When I came home, he had a candlelight dinner for me that he had prepared himself. We ate and watched a movie. To top it off, we got to sleep in this morning! It was a nice Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rainy Days

Every since Kennadi got her rain boots for Christmas, she looks forward to rainy days. So naturally this morning she was all about wearing her boot to school. I couldn't resist her and both girls dressed in their boots and umbrellas before heading off to school. They were so happy for a rainy day! You can always count on your children to find the silver lining in everything.


Halle got Twister for Christmas. She wanted to play the other night. I know I was feeling a little old for Twister. It reminded me of playing Twister in an elevator at Beta Club Convention - anyone else remember that?


Holly finally had the baby last night about 10 p.m. by c-section. She weighed 10lbs and was 19in long. The cord was not around the neck and she appeared healthy. They are not sure what caused this death. They did offer an autopsy which Holly declined.

I did talk to Heather today. They are all just devestated. She said Holly has been pretty much medicated the whole time and that today it would probably all begin to sink in. Please remember them. This is such a shock to a really great family.

Also, in case some haven't already heard...Lane Buttrum and his wife also lost their little girl yesterday. She has been sick, but went unexpectedly yesterday.

Times like this make us question why. But we know it is not always for us to understand. I know it sure made me hold my babies a little tighter last night.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Your Prayers Needed

Some of you guys know my friend Heather Chancellor. I would like you guys to please pray for her sister and family. Today her sister, Holly, went in to the hospital to be induced with her second baby. They could not get a heartbeat on the baby this morning upon arriving at the hosptial. After several tries, they found that the baby had died.
Holly had felt the baby moving yesterday morning, but was a little concerned later on yesterday that the baby hadn't moved. She was expecting a baby girl.
Right now she is enduring labor to deliver the baby.
Please be in prayer for her and her family during this extremely difficult time. She is expected to deliver sometime tonight.