Monday, July 28, 2008

The Desperate Housewives Road Trip

Me and a few of my girlfriends from high school have just returned from a roadtrip. We left on Friday and headed to Memphis, TN. We visited with another friend from high school, my best friend Britt. We all had so much fun. We laughed so much!!!!

We are hoping to make this at least an annual event-if not semi-annual. It was great to get together. We shopped, laughed, and talked. Brant says he figures no one else could understand anything we said b/c we all talk so fast when we get together. He says Britt and I have our own language.

Kari, it was such a great idea and I'm glad I got to be a part of it. Let's get busy planning our next roadtrip!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

An Opinion Please!

Okay - to all my wonderfully crafty friends (you guys know who you are), I am giving a wedding shower this week and I am experimenting with a towel cake for a centerpiece. I put this towel cake together tonight and I need some advice. Do you guys think this would be a nice centerpiece or is it corny?

Also, I started by not using the bears and then added them. I can do it either way. Which do you think looks the best. I appreciate any advice/opinions you have.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bogg Springs 2008

We went this week for our yearly trip to Bogg Springs Church Camp in Wickes, AR. Actually, Kennadi and I returned home early today b/c she is sick. She started running a temp on Monday when we arrived at camp. She was running around 102 temp. I took her to a doctor in Mena on Tuesday. He said he thought it was viral but gave me an antibiotic just in case. We had to get it filled today and I decided to take her on home.

Halle is having the time of her life, of course. She stayed at camp with my mom. They will be coming back tomorrow.

Even though Kennadi was sick, we still had a great time. I love coming to camp b/c it is a great retreat from the world and all the stresses of life. I look forward to it every year. I was sad b/c we had to come home early, but I have to be a mother first.

Kennadi is still sick. Her chest is starting to sound crackly, so I'm not sure if we will end up at the doctor again tomorrow. We'll see. I hope she will be significantly better by tomorrow.

Halle's 6th Birthday

Well, I can hardly believe it, but my baby is six years old now! My how the time has flown. She celebrated her birthday this past weekend with a bowling party. They had a lot of fun. Halle had several of her friends who came and played.

We celebrated her actual birthday last Wednesday, and we showed her the video of the day she was born. She really enjoyed seeing it. That took us back a few years! It goes by so fast. I can't believe she will be starting first grade in August. Where has the time gone?