Friday, January 1, 2010

The Christmas 2009 Wrap-Up

Well, I am finally getting around to posting some of our Christmas activities over the last month. Where did Christmas go? It all happened so fast and we were so busy during the month of December. But, the kids had a GREAT Christmas. We had lots of fun times and many memories were made.
Here is our Christmas 2009 wrap-up.
Halle had her class Christmas party.
The kids and Mrs. O'Sheilds sang a Christmas carol at the beginning of the party.

They all made a Christmas frame and had a picture of themselves to put in it.
As you can see, Halle is concentrating very hard on her project.

We celebrated Christmas with my Mammaw Nancy at my cousin Kirbi's house.
She is expecting her first baby and we just found out it is boy!

Halle and Kennadi with Mammaw Nancy.

Christmas with my Mammaw Nancy at my cousin Kirbi's house.
I got new perfume!
Brant got Band Hero. He was very excited.

Christmas Eve at Neenaw's house.

The whole gang with Neenaw.

Cookies for Santa.
Halle's letter to Santa.

Santa's letter to the girls.

Christmas morning.

Halle got a monogrammed duffel bag to take to sleepovers.

I had to throw this pic in of Kennadi opening presents in her new bike helmet.

The girls got a Wii from us. We have all actually enjoyed playing it.

Halle bought Kennadi a Christmas present with all her "Sparky bucks" from church. Sparky bucks are play money they earn from reciting verses and doing projects etc... They get to go to the Sparky store about twice a semester. Halle went right before the Christmas break and decided to spend her money on a present for Kennadi. It was a Dora dry erase board. I was so proud of her for thinking of someone else during the season. Kennadi loved the present.

Nothing like Christmas sisterly love. It is few and far between, so I must post it when I catch it.

Santa went a little overboard on their stocking stuffers. It actually would not all fit inside the stockings. They loved going through them.

This was our belated Christmas we had with Paul and Wanda. We always get together for a meal and presents sometime right after the Christmas holiday. The girls all got glittery boots. They were excited to all have boots alike - especially Kennadi.

This concludes the Green's 2009 Christmas wrap-up. We enjoyed a very blessed holiday season. I can't believe it has already come and gone. Sadly we say goodbye to Christmas 2009. I look forward to next year, but at the same time it makes me sad b/c it will mean my girls are yet another year older.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well.