Sunday, October 31, 2010

When Your Smilin'

This month Halle began her "Phase One" of orthodontic work. Yes that's right, I said "Phase One." For several years now we have known Halle needed to have work done in order to make room in her tiny little mouth. Every dentist or orthodontist that has ever seen her has just been amazed at how tiny her mouth really is. We had to wait until she lost several teeth before the work could begin.
The past three weeks she has been going to the orthodontist getting ready for her big appointment that was this past Thursday. She had an expander put it. She will go back in eight weeks to have it checked, followed by another eight weeks. Then she will have her first set of braces put on-probably sometime in March.
Her mouth has been really sore and it has been a tough couple of days for her. But, she is adjusting and doing better. We know this is the right thing for her, but it is hard to watch her have to go through all of it.
They did give her a SonicCare toothbrush that she loves very much. I told her this would all be worth it someday when she has a beautiful smile!

Weekend Getaway

A few weekends ago, Brant and I decided to take a little trip up to a cabin on Beaver Lake. It is just outside of Eureka Springs. It is soooo beautiful there! We had a great time just relaxing and enjoying quietness. We think we need to make it a yearly tradition to go somewhere together every October.
This was our view from our cabin. It was absolutely breathtaking!

The rocking chair that broke while we were feeding the racoons. This is a rather funny story, even though Brant ended up with a large knot on the back of his head and I ended up with bruises. If you are curious about what happened, ask me!

The racoons were too cute! But, I wasn't about to let them eat out of my hand.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Salem Tigers

This year Halle began 3rd grade at a new school. Since we moved this summer, we are now in the Bryant School District. Halle is now attending Salem Elementary. She is adjusting just fine, even got straight A's this first nine weeks. She has made lots of friends and is having lots of fun.

First Day of School.

Literacy Night at Salem.

Limo Ride for fundraising.

Fall Carnival.

Fall Carnival and funnel cake...Yummy!