Sunday, June 14, 2009

Camping Trip

This weekend we took the girls for a weekend camping trip to Lake DeGray. The weather cooperated (until the middle of the night Sat night) and we had a great time.

The girls had a good time playing at the playground.

The sand was almost too much for Kennadi. She is not about some dirt!

Here you can see her wiping the sand off of her hands.

Now Halle is burying daddy's feet in the sand as Kennadi watches from a distance out of the sands reach.

It isn't considered "roughing it" without a hammock, tinkerbell pillow, and a good gossip magazine to read. Ahhhh - this is the life!

The girls suited up to head down to the lake for a swim.

Again, not all about the sand. "It's dirty!"

The girls sitting still for a moment for a photo. My 3 girls - so cute!
"Good-bye Lake DeGray! She you next time."

The End. :)

Magic Springs

This year we decided to get season passes to Magic Springs/Crystal Falls. We took the girls a few weekends ago to the Magic Springs part. They had a good time - even though 1/2 of the rides weren't working b/c the park had to order parts. (I'm still wondering why they didn't think to order the parts this winter?)

Here they are watching "The Hawk". This is a ride that goes completely upside down. Kennadi kept saying, "I don't want to ride that!"

Kennadi's favorite ride - the carousel.

Halle, braving the kiddie version of Dr. Dean's Rocket Machine.

Anyway, Halle said "This isn't like Disney World." I was like, "A, no honey. Not even close!" :)

End of the Year Awards Ceremony

On the last day of school, Halle received a medal for having honor roll all year long. She was really proud. She worked hard all year long. This year they were introducing math into things. They did addition and subtraction. Every Friday they would do "Fact in a Flash" tests. These tests were 3min timed tests. They had to complete 30 math problems in 3 min. When they first started these I thought, "this is way to hard for them!" But Halle worked really hard and ended up with a 96% in this course. I was really proud of her.