Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Goodbye Tonsils!

In April, Kenadi had to have her tonsils taken out.

These are not great pics about a not fun time, but I figured we would want it captured for later in life.

Kennadi had been having trouble with her breathing at night. It had gotten really bad and the doctor wanted the tonsils and adenoids out right away.

She was very nervous before surgery and wasn't a very happy camper.

She did not like the itchy, clown gown.

Surgery went well, but she woke up in a lot of pain. This was hard for me to see, but I knew the surgery was the best thing for her.

She did really well with recovery and now sleeps so good!

She was a very brave girl!

The doctor let us know that the tonsils and adenoids were extremely large. He said the anesthesiologist even commented right as they put her to sleep about how much they were obstructing her airway. I am so glad we got them out when we did.

Time is Flying!

Well, here I am shamefully catching up on my blog....again! I can not believe I have neglected it this long. Time really flies! My girls are just growing up too quickly.

We are so greatful to have our wonderful daughters and our busy life. I'm going to try and do a quick year update and blog about some of the highlights from this year. Once again, I am vowing to myself do a better job of posting in 2012.

We started the summer out with a month full of fun. Halle turned 9, we hosted both softball teams' pool parties, and went to church camp.

Halle's 9th Birthday:

This year we celebrated Halle's birthday just as a family. We normally do big parties, but decided to keep it low key this year. She chose to do a family day to Build A Bear Worshop. Daddy took the day off and we went to Little Rock, Build a Bear and had lunch.

That night we met Nenaw and Pappy for a birthday dinner. Then we came back to the house for presents and cake. She had a great day.

Softball Pool Parties:

Kennadi's softball team, The Knockouts, had a pool party for the end of season. She got a trophy that she was very proud of. She enjoyed playing softball for the very first time. She had to miss part of the season due to having her tonsils out, but she still had great fun.

Halle recieved a trophy at the pool party for her team, The Angels. This was the first year for her to play softball and she did really well. We enjoyed going to the games and cheering her on. She played shortstop and pitcher.

Fourth of July:

Fourth of July was fun as well. We had a 1st annual fireworks show on the golf course in our neighborhood. Everyone sat on blankets on the golf course and watched the show. The girls had a lot of fun. The next day we went to Nenaw and Pappy's to celebrate as well.

Goodbye Ana and Kate: We had a real quick good-bye swim for Ana and Kate. They are moving to Kansas City, KS. We love them very much and the girls have been around each other since birth. We will miss them dearly, but are excited for them in their new adventures.

Bogg Springs Church Camp:

Family Vacation:

In July we took the girls to San Antonio, TX.

The Tower of Americas

San Antonio Riverwalk

The Rainforest Cafe

(Kennadi wasn't sure what to think of the volcano dessert!)

Sea World

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Summer Fun Randomness:

(Halle cooling off at a softball tournament)

(Emmi rafting in the pool)

(My "cool" girls!)

Back to School:

(Halle starting 4th grade and Kennadi in her last year of preschool, sigh..)

Kennadi's 5th Birthday Bash:

Kennadi learns to ride her bike without training wheels!

Halloween 2011:

(A cowgirl and Hello Kitty)

(Halle's ladybug face paiting at Salem's fall carnival)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Easter 2011

This Easter was very fun and memorable for me. The girls have gotten old enough now to really enjoy projects. We decided to make some Easter goodies. We bought lots of ingredients and spent an entire afternoon in the kitchen baking. We had a lot of fun and made LOTS of goodies! The girls want to make this a new Easter tradition.

I think they turned out cute!

Easter morning the girls woke up to their Easter surprises.

We went to church at Geyer Springs for Easter service. We then went down to Nenaw and Pappy's for Easter lunch and egg hunting.

Pappaw Prince came as well as Mammaw Nancy.

Brad, Courtney and the boys came as well.

We had a great day and great weather.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Princess On Ice

This week we attended our annual Disney: Princess on Ice. We are so thankful that we get to take advantage of the special school performances that Disney puts on thanks to Lots O' Tots. This time I did not take Halle. She is getting older now and it is hard to take her out of school. She was not real happy with not getting to go, but she understood.

Kennadi got to enjoy an outing alone today. I think she really had a great day! We were right on the ice. We even got hit with the ice shavings that flew off their skates!

As time flys by so fast, I am really trying to learn to slow down and just "be in the moment" with the girls. This was one of those days that I reminded myself to soak up the moment and all its memories. It was a great day!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Kennadi turns Four (7 months ago)

Okay, I am really feeling like a horrible mommy right now! I was looking up some of Kennadi's 4th birthday pictures for a friend. I realized that I had never blogged her birthday. Her birthday was in September, but I guess it is a little late than never, right? Hopefully Kennadi will forgive me for getting this so out of order! For her 4th birthday, Kennadi requested a Dora Birthday! We had a lot of fun planning this together. We made it bright and festive. She had lots of friends and family. They all had a blast!