Friday, March 4, 2011

Halle's New Room

Halle has been wanting to paint her room ever since we moved in. We finally got around to picking out a color and getting started on it. Halle got to help paint and was very excited about that. Brant and I went out shopping one night while the girls were at Nenaw and Pappy's. We bought decor to go in the room, came home and put it all together to surprise her when she came home. She was surprised and we think it turned out relly good!

Snow Days!

This year we were blessed by beautiful blankets of white snow twice. While it did cause our lives to be put on hold more than we might have liked, it was very beautiful to look at, and was more snow than either of my girls have seen in their lifetime. They had a great time watching it snow, pretending to be inside of a beautiful snowglobe, and building a snowman and igloo. The snow days were great memories we made that I hope the girls will remember forever.