Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

I do not think it is fair for it be so cold outside and yet we have no snow!!!!! What is up with that? Halle's school has been closed due to the icy weather. So the girls and I have been stuck in for the past 2 days. They have actually had a lot of fun, I think.
They are really in to going into their room, turning up the music and dancing around. They love that! We are already having to scream, "Turn the music down, it is too loud!" I thought we would have a few years left before we would be doing that!

I also got them involved helping with some of the chores around the house and they really loved that. Who knew 2 little girls could love to unload the dishwasher the way they do?

Since the weather cleared some after early morning today, we decided to pack a lunch and go see daddy at work. Halle was excited to help make the lunches. They both really love going to daddy's office.
All-in-all, it has been a good 2 days worth of "snow days" - even though we have yet to see any snow! I'm still holding out hope that February will bring us some.

Dog Sitting

My parents went on a cruise last week and we were in charge of dog sitting Lexi their 10 year old yorkie. Lexi and Emmi in the house together with 2 small kids is a handful. I think Lexi was glad to go home b/c our house is wild and crazy all the time and she is use to the more quiet lifestyle. One day while we were keeping Lexi I walked in to the living room and saw Lexi and Emmi sitting on the couch with Halle and I thought it was cute so I snapped a pic.

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Doggy Mishap

Yesterday I had a little doggy mishap....Emmi was in desperate need of a grooming appointment. So I called last week to make her an appointment for yesterday since I would be at work and could take her on my way. I dropped her off and told them to call me if they had any problems (not thinking anything of that statement since she has never had any problems while being groomed). At lunch I received a call saying they had cut her while they were clipping her. The poor lady was very upset and said that she thought she needed to go to the vet. The man assured me it was not an emergency. So my mom went to pick her up. They did not get to finish grooming her b/c after the cut, the lady panicked and refused to trim her again. They gave my mom my money back and their card in case in incurred any vet bills b/c of the cut. They told my mom they really did not want me to bring Emmi back b/c they thought she may need to be medicated in order to be groomed in the future. I have never had anyone tell me this before, so I was surprised. Anyway, Emmi was now half groomed and had a cut on her neck.

Brant picked her up from my mom after he got home from work b/c I did not get off until 6p.m. He decided to "finish" her haircut. When I came home I almost did not recognize my poor little Emmi. She looks like an albino chihuahua! She looks so sickly and pitiful. Poor dog. In case you have forgotten what she looked like prior, look back at a post of her on my blog in December and you will see how pitiful it is!

She is not happy at all! She just looks at us with stress and sadness. Poor Emmi!

Hot Springs Mountain

Last weekend we took the girls up on the Hot Springs Mountain. We were out driving around killing time before going to visit my grandparents, and I thought they would like to see the moutain. The weather was extremely warm for a December day so it was nice. The girls enjoyed looking out over the mountain and trying to pick out places we recognized. I haven't been up there in years and we would like to take them to the tower one day this spring. We spend so much busy time in our lives that we forget to take in the scenery that our own town holds.