Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Best Day Ever!

Friday, Halle stayed home from school to rest from being out late at "Annie" on Thursday night. I wanted her to rest b/c Friday night she had a daddy/daughter dance at school. While we were on the way to the beauty shop to get her hair fixed on Friday afternoon, she began telling me that she wanted to be saved. She has been asking questions for a while now. I have told her that she will know when it is her time. She kept saying, "Mom, I know God is telling me it is time. My heart is hot." I called my mom and we met her at the park to talk. After talking for a while, Halle said she was ready to be saved. She prayed and asked God to save her! She is so excited. We met with a preacher from our church this morning, and he talked to her for a while. He said she was smart and knew what she was doing.

Friday night, Halle and her daddy got all dressed up and went to her school's daddy/daughter dance. They had a blast dancing the night away. They participated in dances such as: The Chicken Dance, The Twist, YMCA, and many more. I think they both had a pretty fabulous time!

When they got home she said, "This has been the best day ever. I was saved and got to go to the dance!"

We are so happy for her. She is on cloud nine!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Our Valentine's Day was very busy. Halle had her Valentine party at school. It was a lot of fun. They had lots of goodies and we made heart frames and put their pics inside them.

Valetine's night my mom and I took Halle to see "Annie" the musical at the Robinson Music Center. It was great, but very long! We didn't get home until almost midnight! Halle was so exhausted the next day. I ended up letting her skip school. Ooops!

Our Valentine's Day was very memorable.

New Additions

This past Sunday our German Shepherd, Raine, had her puppies. She had a litter of eight! There are 4 males and 4 females. Halle was so excited! Raine is being a great mother to the puppies. They are growing so fast! They will be ready to go by the end of March, so if anyone know of someone who is looking for a registered German Shepherd, let us know!