Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Morning

The girls were very excited on Christmas morning. They opened their gifts and were very happy. Then we told them there was a surprise for them in the playroom. They ran in their to find their new Rose Petal Cottage play house. They immediately began to play with it and then we told Halle there was one more surprise for her outside. She ran outside to discover her brand new pink 4-wheeler. She has been wanting a 4-wheeler for a long time. She did not really expect to get one for Christmas, so she was very excited!

They had a great Christmas morning. Kennadi was very excited. She would say "Oh my goodness!" after almost every gift. When Halle would open her gifts, she would say "Oh Halle!" She was very cute!

It was a special morning filled with memories.

Cookies For Santa

Class Christmas Party

Halle's 1st grade class Christmas party was the Thursday before Christmas. They had a lot of goodies, of course, followed by some games and a story. Halle had a great time, but is really ready for her Christmas break.

Monday, December 15, 2008

"Angels We Have Heard"

Last night I directed a Children's musical at our church entitled "Angels We Have Heard." Every year we do a musical. It is always lots of work, but incredibly rewarding. They do such a wonderful job - it is such a blessing. Those kids always lift me up. They always make me proud!

Gingerbread House

A friend of mine who is kind of a grandmother to my girls gave them an early Christmas present. It was a gingerbread house. We have never done one before. The girls were really excited. I let Halle do one side and Kennadi the other. I iced the candy for them and they placed them where they wanted to. It was a lot of fun. The girls loved getting to be creative with candy. They were very proud of themselves when they were done.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our Emmi

Last year for Christmas we got the girls a puppy. She is a maltipoo named Emmi. She is a very sweet dog who is very attached to me. She is my shadow all day long. We love her and are very glad to have her as part of our family. I took a few pics of her to send to the people we got her from, so I thought I would post them on here too.

Monday, December 8, 2008

"Christmas - On The Air"

This weekend was our church's annual Christmas concert. This year we did a drama performance entitled "Christmas - On the Air." It took place in a radio station. I am directing our children's choir right now and they got to be in it as well. My little Halle had a solo in the performance. She did such a great job. Brant even participated in the drama. He was the station manager. He did a great job as well. We performed on Saturday and Sunday night. We had a great turnout for both performances. I'm sure we had at least 300 people who attended. God truly blessed us and we had 2 great performances.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Crafty Christmas

This year I decided to be a little crafty with Christmas gifts. I made these picture frames for teacher gifts. I got the idea for these from a craft show. They aren't as great as the ones they had, but I think they turned out cute. Kari and Mere-don't laugh!

I am also working on a table and chair set for my girls. This has been an extremely invovled project that is far from finished. I am 1/2 way through with the chairs. They still have to have some more paint and varnish. Each chair is also going to have their initial on it. I haven't started on the table yet, but I am currently working on the table legs. This set will not be perfect by any means, but I hope my girls will love it b/c they know it is something I put a lot of time and love into.

I love Christmas time and enjoy doing projects during December. It makes the holidays a little more special.