Friday, August 21, 2009

First Day of Second Grade

I can't believe it is already time for school to start! Where did the summer go? Halle was very anxious about starting 2nd grade. She is in a new building this year and was not able to meet her teacher until the first day of school.

There were a few tears shed, but she did have a great day. When I picked her up, she was all smiles!

Getting Halle up in the mornings is the most difficult of the day. She LOVES to sleep in. She is like her mommy in that way. She always tells me, "I'm up, I'm stretching." - even though I see no movement. It is so tough to get her going in the mornings.

She poses for a classic "porch" photo op before heading out to school.

I love this pic b/c it shows Kennadi looking up at Halle. She wants to be JUST LIKE her sister. She knows she is turning 3 soon and thinks she gets to go to Kindergarten when she is 3. Everyday since school has started school, Kennadi has insisted on carrying a lunchbox and backpack too.

This is the backpack we had her name put on. Mollie did a great job on it and Halle just loves it.

She ended up getting in the same class this year as two of her friends from her class last year. We were both relieved to find that she would have some familiar faces in her classroom.

I snapped a pic of Brady before I left the school on the first day too. I think he was excited to start a new school year too.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beach Pics

Okay, I know beach pics are kinda' cheesy (right Britt?), but you can't go to the beach without taking some. My idea was to just take some of the girls, but mom insisted we all take some. Brant and I really didn't bring clothes to take pics in, so improvised.

I can't believe how high he threw her!

This is a pic of a storm that rolled in on Wed evening. I couldn't believe how dark and big the clouds looked from our balcony. The clouds and ocean almost meet!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Florida Days

Our vacation is continuing right along. The weather is beautiful and we are relaxing. Yesterday we spent the day between the pool and the beach. Kennadi finally got in all by herself with her floaties. She had a blast! She even started jumping in off the side.

This is a picture we took before we went out to dinner on Tuesday night. I don't know why we look red b/c we are not burnt. We have been using our sunscreen religiously!

This morning we got to do something really special. We went to the US Naval Museum where the Blue Angels practice. We got to watch them practice followed by an autograph signing in the museum. It was very interesting!

The Blue Angels are trained to fly as close as 18 inches apart!

At the end of the practice, they let all the kids come on to the runway and wave flags as the Blue Angels taxied by. The entire crowd (which was about 3,000) stood and applauded. It was very patriotic.

This is Halle with one of the Blue Angels. How awesome is it that there is a woman on the team?We thought it was pretty cool! To top it off, you should have seen the ROCK she had on her finger. Not a bad life she is leading.

Kennadi is striking a pose in a helicopter rescue basket.

The stairs that took you to the second level of the museum were actual airplane steps.

We are posing in front of actual Blue Angel planes hanging from the museum ceiling!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Florida or Bust!!!!

Well, Saturday was finally the day that we had been waiting for all summer long. We loaded up and left town about 5 a.m. The girls were very excited and could not wait to see the beach.

Since my parents were going to, we decided that it would be a good idea to split the girls up and let one ride with my mom and dad to cut down on the whinning and fighting. This proved to be an excellent idea. Both the girls did great on the long car ride.

This was the first morning in Flordia. What a better way to wake up than overlooking the ocean. The girls had breakfast on the balcony, then it was time to get dressed and race down to the beach!

Feeding the seagulls is always a fun source of entertainment while playing on the beach.

This is our condo in the background. We stayed on the 6th floor.

Kennadi had put on her own bathingsuit. As you can see, she put it on backwards!

On Monday, we traded in the beach for a while and went to the Tanger Outlet in Foley, AL. It was a monstrosity, a little overwhelming. But I was happy b/c they had a Gap Kids Outlet and a Gymboree Outlet! Yeah!!!!

A little crab hunting after dark is always fun. The girls were ready with nets in hand. Although they quickly handed over their nets to the guys once the crabs made their appearance.

This was our little set-up we had. We put up our canopy and left it so we would have it everyday. There was hardly no one on the beach. It was a great time to be there.

We also enjoyed some pool time as well. It felt good after the sandy, salty beach.
This ended the first couple of days of our beach vacation. Stay tuned for the rest of the trip!