Friday, September 26, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Little Miss Kennadi is always watching and very curious about everything. She always likes to watch me put on my makeup and wants to try it on herself. Of course, I never let her play with the messy stuff. But tonight (while Daddy was watching her) she decided to help herself to my makeup back. When I came out of the bathtub, I saw her with my mascara-opened, and she was attempting to apply it. This was the result.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Party Day

Halle had a great Saturday b/c it was filled with parties and socializing - two of her favorite things. She had a swimming party Saturday morning followed by a Hannah Montana part in the afternoon. What more could a six year old girl ask for? These are some pics of her busy day.

Also on another note, Brant's grandpa Tamme died late Friday night. He was getting older and not in the best of health, but it was definitely unexpected. In fact, he was feeling better the past week or so than he has in a while. Even though Brant and his family is sad, they no that he is a lot better now and can finally be reunited with Grandma Tamme. Please keep Brant and the Tamme/Green family in your thoughts this week.

Putt Putt Fun

Friday night we took some of the kids from our church to eat pizza and play minature golf. They had a great time. Halle loves to play putt putt. The weather was great and lots of laughs were had by everyone.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kennadi's 2nd Birthday

Well, Kennadi's 2nd birthday was a great success. Thank you to hurricane Ike for holding off on the rain while we partied at the park!

She was very excited to be having a party. It only took 2.5 seconds for her to get in to the present opening business. She worked like a pro!

We had a lot of family and friends with us to celebrate the big day. Thank you to all of you guys who came out. It is very surreal to think that my baby is 2. It is so to me. They grow up too fast.

As you can tell from the pics, Minnie Mouse was the theme. It was very fun making things for this party. I made all the kids ears to wear. That was a big hit. I also ordered cupcake pics and Hershey bar wrappers on ebay for her party. The Hershey bar wrappers were personalized with her name. They were very cute.

It was a great day and now we are all very tired!

Happy Birthday Kennadi!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Haircut Day

Okay, so I mentioned the other day that Kennadi needed her haircut. Well so did Halle. We loaded up on Wednesday afternoon and headed for the beauty shop. Kennadi has discovered that she loves to get her haircut. She will sit up there just like a big girl - very still.

I mentioned on the way to the shop they we were getting our haircut. Kennadi smiled real big and pointed to herself and said, "Mama me - haircut?" She was thrilled to be taking a trip to the beauty shop to see Miss Tiffany. I'm not for sure, but I think one of Kennadi's favorite parts it that after she is finished, she gets a sucker.

I had my camera in my purse so I snapped a few pics while we were there.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Go Razorbacks!

This past Saturday Brant, Halle, and I loaded up and headed to the Razorback game in Little Rock. Halle loves going to the games and could not wait to get there. We stopped for a bite to eat and then we were off to the game. We had to park at Sears and walk forever, but we made it! The weather was great, and finally - better late than never - the Razorbacks pulled off the win by one point! Way to go Razorbacks!

Little Ram

Little Kennadi wants to be just like her big sister. Halle wears her Ram cheerleading suit to school every Friday. This past Friday Halle came home and took off her suit. A little while later Kennadi came down the hall wearing it. She was so proud of herself! I just had to grab the camera and snap a few pics. Yes, she does need a haircut - it was just too cute to pass up!