Saturday, April 25, 2009

Disney On Ice

Friday Halle got to skip school and I took the girls to see Disney On Ice. They were so excited to go. When they woke up that morning, I made them Mickey Mouse pancakes. Then they dressed in their Mickey attire, gathered their Mickey gear, and we hit the road.

A quick photo with Emmi, of course, before we left. They couldn't wait to head for the show!

We took these Mickey and Minnie dolls as well as a tinker bell light/spinning toy to remind us that we didn't need to purchase any of the tempting toys at the show b/c we already had some. It worked really well. They did not ask for one thing, which is very unusual - especially for Halle.

The show was entertaining, as it always is. We say "The Lion King", "The Little Mermaid", "Lilo and Stitch", and "Peter Pan."

Outside of Disney World, this was the first live show Kennadi had ever been to. She really soaked it all in. She would wave at the characters as they skated by. Once, Tinkerbell skated by and Kennadi waved. She looked at me and said, "Her won't wave at me!"

Ariel and her "Prince Charming"
Mickey, Minnie, and Daisy sporting their safari wear.

Timone and Pumba.

A little intermission smile :)

The grand finale with no other than Ms. Tinkerbell herself.

We had a great time with all of my dear friends and there kids. I think all the kids were mesmerized the entire time (even baby Grant).

This kind of resembles a police line up - don't you think? I kind of wanted to look at them and say, "Okay now, everyone turn to the right!"

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday 2009

This morning the girls happily awoke for the surprised the Easter bunny had left. They were so excited to see that the bunny had left them each a bathing suit, goggles, swing ring, chocolate bunny, a kite, color wonders, and a few other little things. Kennadi was sad b/c she thought the bunny was actually going to be at our house to see her. She said, "But I wanted to hug him."

We had a great, soggy Easter. The electricity went out at church right during the sermon. Our preacher never skipped a beat and just kept on going. Kennadi fell asleep in her chair at children's church. This is how I found her when I went to pick her up. I couldn't resist snapping a pic before I woke her up.

The kids enjoying their indoor egg hunt on a yucky, raining, Easter Sunday.

I hope everyone had a great day!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Eggs

The girls had a fun time tonight dying Easter eggs. Kennadi did not really remember this from last year, so she was so excited when she saw the eggs coming out all colored. She kept saying, "Halle that is so cool!"
Don't you guys just love the curlers in Kennadi's hair? She was all rolled up ready for her "Easter do." She thinks she looks so fabulous in these rollers. She loves to look in the mirror at herself.

They were so excited as they went off to bed. They could not wait for the bunny to arrive. However, Halle came out of bed asking how can she know for sure that the bunny is real and not just parents buying stuff to put in the baskets. I just told her that Santa and the Easter bunny are real as long as you believe. When you stop believing, they are no longer real. She said that if you believe in Santa, he will live forever.

Brant said he is afraid that fun time of pretend with her will be coming to an end pretty soon. I can't bear the thought of that.

I don't know girls, I need help with this situation. We can't stand lying, but we don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

Easter Egg Hunt 2009

This morning was our annual children's ministry egg hunt at church. There were tons of eggs! The girls both got really in to it. They were able to collect eggs until their baskets overflowed. We had great weather and a wonderful time. I hope the weather will hold up for another egg hunt tomorrow at mom's, but I'm not so sure.

They started off with story time. The kids listened to the story of the resurrection with the resurrection eggs.

The little kids are all lined up and ready to go on an egg hunt! Kennadi could hardly wait to gather the eggs.

The girls proudly showing off their finds. They could not wait to sit down and find out what was inside all the eggs. There were even a few "golden" eggs to be found with money in them. My girls didn't find the golden eggs, but they were excited to see them being found.

Cupcake time! The girls really enjoyed liking all the icing off the cupcakes. As Halle used to say, "I don't like the crust-just the icing." You should have seen me trying to keep the green icing off of Kennadi's pale pink capri outfit. I was so glad we she finished that cupcake!

Happy Easter everyone!

Halle's Easter Party

Halle had her Easter party at school on Thursday. I am homeroom mom so I organized the party and worked with the kids on a craft. They all had a good time and lots of sugar!

How Does Your Garden Grow?

This year Brant and I are trying a garden for the very first time. We decided since it was the first time we have ever attempted one that we would make it small. So we made an 8X8 elevated garden. We have been so excited to get it started.

Today we finally got the opportunity to plant our veggies. We planted squash, okra, corn, and cucumber. We also planted a strawberry plant in another container.

The girls were so excited with their vegetable plants in hand. They could not wait to plant them.

We thought a garden would be fun for the kids. Halle loves everything to with gardening and flowers. She is very excited and now we just anxiously await the harvest! I hope we have a harvest. :)