Monday, August 18, 2008

Halle Ballerina

After a snack at Sonic and a few other stops, Halle and I were on our way to her first dance class. She is taking a class every Monday. She will be taking ballet, tap, and jazz. She was very excited to go. She had a blast and has even been practicing since she has gotten home. She loves to bounce around in her tap shoes!

"I Want To Go Too!"

Miss Kennadi came to see Halle off to 1st grade this morning as well. She was certain that she was going too. She even tried to go into the building with Halle. She kept saying, "I want to go!"

She got to go to her school this morning. So I took my camera along and took pictures of her going to school too. That way she felt big as well. She loves to go to school. She is very social!

Halle Green: 1st Grader at Last!

This morning, my baby began her first day of 1st grade. I can't believe she has grown so much. She was very excited to begin her day. She told everyone, "This is going to be a very busy day."

She had a wonderful day at school. She met new friends, ran an errand for her teacher, went to art class, and played on the playground. She informed me that their playground got new swings!

After school, of course it was straight to Sonic for something to eat. She was starving!

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Final Summer Play Date

Since school starts on Monday for everyone, some friends and I decided to get our kids together for one more summer playdate. These friends are special to me b/c they are some of my best friends from high school. I think it is neat that we can all get together every once in a while. But what is even greater is that our kids are all friends. Even though we all live in different cities, we do make an effort to get together and let the kids spend some time together.

So today we all met at Rock Creek Church. They have a fabulous indoor play area for the kids. We let them play a while and then took all eight kids to eat at Buffalo Grill. It was quite a sight! They were all very good though. We had a great time!

Lakeside Open House

I can't believe it, but summer is almost over! Halle will be starting school on Monday. We went to open house on Thursday night to meet her teacher. Her teacher's name is Mrs. Kathy Braughton. She seems very nice and Halle was excited to meet her. Halle also stopped by to visit Ms. Bryant her Kindergarten teacher. We are going to miss her this year, but I know we will love her new teacher as well.

I can not believe that she is starting 1st grade! My baby isn't a baby anymore. She is 6 and Kennadi is going to be 2 in a month! Time is flying by so fast.

This is a picture of Halle and her new teacher, Mrs. Braughton.