Friday, June 4, 2010

Six Months in Review

January & February 2010:

With January brought in a new year with a lot of changes to come for the Green House. We put our house on the market in January.

We did get a little snow to play in. It was not much, but the girls had fun anyway.This picture is bittersweet b/c it is the last snow at the old house.
Emma's 5th birthday at Pinkabella.
Halle's Valentine's Day party at school.

Girl Scout cookie sales at Books-A-Million.

March 2010:

My cousin Kori (on right) and I gave my cousin Kirbi a baby shower to celebrate the soon-to-be arriving baby Gavin.

A trip with the Children's Ministry to Chuck E. Cheese over spring break.

We also took the girls to Branson for spring break. We spent a few days there shopping, sightseeing, and attending The Dixie Stampede.

The girls loved this trip to the Butterfly Palace while in Branson.

At the end of the spring break week, Kari and I took Halle and Emma on a trip to Memphis for Greyson's 2nd birthday.
We surprised by Brittany by showing up at the party. She had no idea we were coming. We had a great weekend with her.

The girls trip to the Pediatric Dentist.

This was Kennadi's first trip to the dentist. She did good!

April 2010:

Easter 2010

Halle's field trip to the bowling alley and Hollywood Park.

The Little Rock Zoo.

Halle's awards assembly at Lakeside. She took home the top reader award for her class. I was very proud of her!

Halle's last day of school party. She took some time to say goodbye to her friends since she will be going to a new school next year.
Now that school is finally out and we are moved, it is time to relax and enjoy the summer.
The girls have adjusted well to our new house. They are especially enjoying the pool!
We are looking forward to a great summer!


Okay, I am so ashamed of myself for letting my blog just fall by the wayside for six months. But, it has been a hectic six months with selling and buying a house.....not to mention moving twice! Now that we have DSL (yeah!), it will make it so much easier/quicker for me to update this blog. So, I am going to hopefully post a long six-month in review post within the next week to catch this thing up!
Then, hopefully I will do a better job of updating.