Saturday, September 26, 2009

Playhouse Disney Live!

I took Kennadi to see Playhouse Disney Live last night. She has been looking forward to this show for several months. This was the first time she has gone to a show without Halle. I felt guilty about not taking Halle, but I thought it was a good thing to take Kennadi by herself. Halle stayed with Brant. They rented a movie, got pizza, and played games. She had a fun night too and was very gracious about staying home.

Let the show begin! And, no my mom did not coordinate her purse with Kennadi's outfit.
But, it worked out well.

The suspense is incredible!

Tigger and Pooh.

The Little Einsteins.

Handy Many.

Having fun at Playhouse Disney!

Doing the hot dog dance!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

"Hot dog, hot dog, hot digity dog!"

It was a great musical party! Kennadi said, "It was a great day!"

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lady Kennadi's 3rd Birthday Party

Today was the baby turned 3!
She was so excited, I was in disbelief that it has already been 3 years.
The theme this year was Ladybugs. She had originally said she wanted a "bug" party. We settled on a ladybug party. She was good with that.
Her cake turned out cuter than I even expected. Ambrosia Bakery did it.
Nenaw and Kennadi pose for a pic.

Swimming - such fun!

She didn't quite know how to act while everyone was singing to her.

Blowing out the candles.

Present time!

It was a great time! She had a lot of friends and family who came.
I think she had a great day!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Fun

We spent this Labor Day doing things around the house that needed to be done.
This afternoon we took the girls to the Entergy Park in Hot Springs. They had a lot of fun just being outside and enjoying the day.
Halle was so proud of herself that she was able to climb all the way to the top.
The park also has nice paved walking trails. We enjoyed a nice walk through one.

Overlooking Lake Hamilton.
This is the toddler playground that Kennadi is so proudly playing on.


Kennadi climbing the rock steps to the top.

A first for my girls was a visit from the ice cream man. I used to love the ice cream man as a child. But my poor children being from the country have never experienced this.

It was a perfect afternoon for an ice cream treat.

This was a great day to spend our Labor Day, just some quality family time. I hope everyone elso enjoyed their day off.

Razorback Watch Party

This year we opted out of going to the Razorback game. We decided to rent it on PPV and have a "watch" party with some friends. The girls dressed in their Razorback outfits and were all ready to party.
Isn't this a cute idea? A friend of mine brought fruit skewers to the party. It was a big hit with everyone, including the kids.

We had a bountiful spread of food at the party. No one went hungry.

Some of the kids decided to have their own party out on the porch with Miley Cyrus rockin' on the CD player. Thank goodness we do not have neighbors!

It was a fun party, especially since the Razorback's kicked booty!
Woooo Pig Soooie!

A Little Performer

Last Sunday, Children's Chapel at church sang a song. Kennadi was so excited to sing in front of everyone. I told her that when she sang, I would take her picture. So they all came to the front to sing. Kennadi looked straight at me and said, loudly, "Take my picture!"

Meet the Newest Member of the Green Family

A few weeks ago we adopted a little kitty named Al from the Paws and Claws organization. Halle has been wanting a kitty for a while, so we decided to let her have one. He is really sweet and gets along with Emmi really well.

We already love him like another member of the family.