Sunday, April 27, 2008

Halle's Baptism

Halle was baptised tonight. She was so excited. It was funny b/c her head barely came above the water when she was standing up! The preacher didn't have to "dunk" her far.

We were very proud of her. She has been so excited since she was saved. She was very excited tonight too. She felt so big!

Sidewalk Paint Is So Much Fun

My girls have discovered the fun world of sidewalk paint. If you guys haven't tried it, it is a big hit! And don't worry, it washes out with no problem. But, I still put old clothes on the girls just in case.

They love to get right in there and paint to their heart's content. They love the freedom to do paint whatever they want. As so can see, sometimes even the dog gets involved. He ended up getting some paint on him that day too-I can't imagine how!

Brock Turns Three!

Brock celebrated his third birthday this past week. It is hard to believe he is already three. He is so super cute-I can't even tell you. He has the funniest personality. He makes us laugh all the time.
We love him and I'm glad he had a great birthday.